• From Idle to Ideal - Video video to see how Fleetwatcher is reducing idle time
  • Maintain your fleet while maintaining your profits.
  • Consistent Customized. Comprehensive. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • How much is excessive idle costing you? Fleet management beyond GPS
  • Round the clock protection every asset, everywhere.
  • Increase productivity without compromising safety.

Discover how Fleetwatcher makes your job easier.Bank on positive bottom-line results with our technology.Spend less time collecting data, more time managing your business.

Earthwave Technologies

Do you need to get a handle on idle time, on fuel cost and on equipment costs in general? Need information on cycle times and counts for your dump trucks? Want a daily report on equipment start and stop times or engine run and idle times? Need to know what equipment is not being effectively utilized right now?

All of that —and much more—is easily accomplished with Earthwave Technologies' Fleetwatcher Wireless Fleet Management System. When it comes to managing your equipment, projects and bottom line, knowledge is your most powerful tool. Don’t put your future in the hands of manually collected data any more! We give construction contractors the ability to manage their business like never before.

Over the past fifteen years we have developed Fleetwatcher wireless fleet management system specifically for heavy equipment contractors. Regardless of your fleet’s size, you can get the timely, accurate and useful information you need to take action and effectively manage your fleet, your people and your business.

What's New
New Version Released
Earthwave releases Fleetwatcher 4.3 - the new version includes additional features, reports, and alerts while also enhancing some of the existing features and functions of Fleetwatcher.
Video Testimonial
Learn how United Brothers is utilizing Fleetwatcher.
New Product Announcement
Earthwave Technologies Releases Fleetwatcher LD Series