The Fleetwatcher Impact on Business Operations

Fleetwatcher is a comprehensive Management Information System that impacts and affects many people, processes and departments within the heavy equipment contractor’s organization. Specifically, Fleetwatcher and Earthwave help our customers solve problems.

The following identifies the problems our customers have indicated that Fleetwatcher helps them address and solve, in order of magnitude.  

1. Underproductive Equipment and Operators/Drivers
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Construction Telematics Definition and Uses | Construction Technology

What can Construction Telematics Software do for you?

Telematics is a wireless technology defined as: Measuring and monitoring real-time information from remote and mobile assets/vehicles/equipment and wirelessly transmitting that information to a central location for analysis.

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Earthwave Welcomes New Customer, Triple B Services

Earthwave Technologies would like to recognize and thank our new customer, Triple B Services for selecting Fleetwatcher’s Wireless Construction Management System.

The ownership and management team including Keith Burke and Stoney Welch selected Fleetwatcher to replace a Teletrack system as their wireless tracking system for their entire fleet of off-road heavy equipment as well as their on-road medium and heavy duty trucks. Factoring into their decision was the ability to monitor and improve operator and jobsite productivity, reduce excessive idle and associated fuel costs, manage equipment utilization and preventative maintenance schedules, and receive up-to-the-minute tracking of equipment as it moves from project to project.

In addition, integrating with their Viewpoint accounting system, Fleetwatcher will assist them in improved accuracy of location of equipment, billing and job costing of equipment and will also help eliminate unnecessary equipment rentals. 

If you would like more information on why Triple B and other Houston-area contractors including BRH Garver, ISI, Texas Sterling and Webber LLC among other have implemented Fleetwatcher’s wireless tracking system for heavy equipment contractors, please call Larry Baker at 317-218-6102 or email to