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Earthwave's Construction Management Solution (CMS) Featured in ForConstructionPros

Construction Management Solution Wireless Telematics System

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Barriere Construction in Louisiana has seen fast results using Fleetwatcher's Materials Management Solution


Our customer, Barriere Construction, is a fourth-generation, family-owned company headquartered in Metairie, L.A. Barriere has offered Asphalt Paving, Heavy Civil and Industrial services to the construction industry for 70 years, this year! They began implementing with Fleetwatcher in 2015 and have seen great success with the services they use.

Brendan McGoey, the Logistics Manager in L.A. says, "We have greatly reduced the cost of trucking our materials, while increasing efficiency of our haulers." How have they done that? Through Fleetwatcher's easy-to-use app and real-time data: "The mobile app allows us to see real-time information. The scale ticket summaries report and the plant production report are favorites around here. The Load Cycle Analysis information has been a great tool for our foreman to manage their operations."

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NAPA IMPACT Leadership Group Conference

Our National Account Manager, Adam Harshman, has been invited to the upcoming NAPA IMPACT Leadership Group Conference in Atlanta in September. Adam will be in the company of a select group of next generation leaders in the asphalt paving industry. We are proud of Adam and look forward to his insights when he returns from this conference.

Barriere Construction Featured In Asphalt Contractor

Earthwave customer, Barriere Construction, was recently featured in Asphalt Contractor magazine. Barriere is on the leading edge of utilizing technology in the field. Click here to see the full article (pages 16-18). 

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Earthwave Technologies Welcomes New Customer, Gallagher Asphalt

Earthwave Technologies would like to recognize and thank our new customer, Gallagher Asphalt, for selecting Fleetwatcher as their construction telematics solution to help them manage their equipment, projects, and bottom-line objectives for 2015 and beyond.

“We spent a lot of time over the past few years looking at telematics solutions to help us become more efficient on our material trucking operation but couldn’t find one that impressed us enough to make the investment for implementing this technology” says Trucking Manager, Justin Jonkman.

“Fleetwatcher was the first system we found with a solution that was built to give the type of information we could easily use to analyze our operations on a daily basis” said Jim Trost, VP of Operations. Trost explains, “We confirmed that observation by visiting a current “Peer Group” paving company that has been using Fleetwatcher for about a year.”

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Earthwave Technologies Welcomes New Customer, Joslin Construction

Earthwave Technologies would like to recognize and thank our new customer, Joslin Construction, for selecting Fleetwatcher’s Wireless Construction Management System.

The ownership and management team including Ray and Curt Joslin; Shaun Dean, CFO; Rick Taylor, Operations Manager; and Cedric Foster, Equipment Operations Manager unanimously selected Fleetwatcher for their entire fleet of off-road heavy equipment as well as their on-road medium and heavy duty trucks. Factoring into their decision was the ability to monitor and improve operator and jobsite productivity, reduce excessive idle and associated fuel costs, improve equipment utilization and reduce rental expense,  improve preventative maintenance scheduling, and improve on equipment and job costing and estimating.

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Best Construction Telematics Systems: OEM or FleetWatcher?

Comparing FleetWatcher to OEM Telematics Systems

Many construction companies are using the GPS systems that were installed on the equipment by the Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM's). While those systems can produce some useful data, our customers have found that there are reasons why fleet owners benefit from a third-party system such as Fleetwatcher. 

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FleetWatcher Customers Achieve Dramatic Idle Time Reduction

You Know It Idles, But How Much Does It Idle??

As we talk with construction companies from across the country, most don't know how much their equipment idles. Some have an idea that their equipment idles too much. Others don't even suspect that idle is a problem for them. However, in 15 years of working in the industry and gathering company data, we see that most companies have idle times across their fleets that average above 50%. 

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Technology Giving the Construction Industry a Line of Sight

Rising Technologies in the Construction Industry

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV or Drone)

One of the fairly new technologies coming into broader use is the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or drone. Currently drones are rarely used in construction sites but they should become more widely used in the near future based on possible applications. Drones currently are limited to a height of less than 400ft and weight less than 4.4 pounds keeping them in the “Hobby Class” of drones. These are most often multiple propeller helicopters called quadcopters. With their design, they are capable of vertical takeoff and landing along with the ability to hover. These UAVs include cameras that can take high resolution video or pictures which can be used to map the work site, check job completion, while also giving direct feedback to the operator giving him/her the bird’s eye view, so to speak.

Earthwave Customer, RIPA, Talks About Fleetwatcher Benefits

Komatsu America recently did an article with Earthwave Technologies customer, Rich Fuist of RIPA Associates. Rich talks about some of the benefits they have seen with the use of Fleetwatcher. Here is an excerpt from the article:

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