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Learn how The Shelly Company Reduced Their CPT by 18%

  As FleetWatcher enters it's 20th Anniversary in 2020, we want to take a moment and highlight one of our loyal customers and share how their operations have improved since implementing our software.

The Shelly Company is Ohio’s leading limestone, concrete and asphalt paving company with more than 90 locations, servicing 81 of 88 counties in the state. The Twinsburg location has been using FleetWatcher just under 8 years and Chris Tomasch has been a part of the implementation since the very beginning. Chris is a Logistics Manager, overseeing the delivery of one million tons of asphalt and three million tons of aggregate every year.

Chris notes the changes he has seen: 

"We have excellent visibility of our fleet. We are able to identify any trucking issues in real time allowing us to respond accordingly. FleetWatcher gives us accurate performance data which we can use for determining truck demand, reducing wait times and managing brokers. With the implementation and improvements in visibility of FleetWatcher we have reduced our cost per ton 18% over the past 4 years.

What is his favorite feature? "The best feature is the new “Quick Edit” feature of the shift tickets.  We are able to make fast, accurate adjustments with minimal effort. With the mobile app we have been able to better control last load outs, reducing the need to send trucks back to the plant to hold. Being able to track a job from a phone or I-Pad significantly reduces the time spent calling to find a truck."

What has their customer service experience been like? "Every time I reach out with a question or concern I get a response quickly, usually same day. Just this week I had 5 new trucks set up and none of them were tracking. I contacted Nik to see if he could determine the issue. I had a response in 10 minutes and was able to get them tracking. It’s also very helpful when their team makes a site visit, it gives our team a better understanding of the function and tools we need to be successful.

"There are many choices of GPS tracking programs available. FleetWatcher is very user-friendly and allows us to do more than just see where our trucks travel. We are able to set the parameters we want, to gather the data we need in a format we can use." 

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Customer Wolf Paving Featured in ForConstruction Pros

Great article in featuring our customer Wolf Paving Company. 

Ask many asphalt paving companies what they struggle with and we bet more than a few will say consistent product quality. The potential for this is low, but a risk that contractors take when they rely on other companies to produce mix for their paving operations. This is why Wolf Paving chose to invest in not one, but two asphalt plants for their business. Read the entire article here:

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What does FleetWatcher's Executive Dashboard Tell You?

Although most of the reports in the FleetWatcher software are designed to provide real-time, actionable data to operations, the Executive Dashboard summarizes daily information for use by company management. As shown below, the total Loads, Tons, Target Tons, TPH-Crew, TPH-Truck, FPM Paver and Cycle Times are displayed on a daily summary. Color coding helps users focus on areas of the operation that may need further explanation. The graphs show the Total Tons of Materials per Shift and the Total Distance Paved per Shift. This is just one of the many features of our Materials Management Solution

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New Customer Boh Brothers Construction Finds Success With FleetWatcher

Based and founded in New Orleans, Boh Bros. Construction a family-owned, third-generation company that has completed thousands of heavy civil, industrial, and marine construction projects throughout the Southeast United States since 1909. They began a pilot with FleetWatcher in July of this year and just recently came on board as a new customer. How did they decide to invest in FleetWatcher? James Breland, Operations Manager of their Asphalt Department notes: "The market for asphalt work continues to be very competitive in our area, and we continuously search for ways to help optimize our operations. We were looking for ways to improve our hauling costs, and after many meetings with the FleetWatcher team, we felt FleetWatcher’s Material Management Solution (MMS) would be the right tool to help us do this."

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How do FleetWatcher's Portable Tracking Device Kits Work?

Fleetwatcher has many tracking devices that are adapted to meet the needs of our customers. Gary Shake, our Field Operations Manager, discusses our portable kits, including our newest solar panel kit. Learn more about them on our                         YouTube Channel here!

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Scale Ticket Integration 101

Scale Ticket Integration is something we reference a lot around here. We thought it would be helpful to speak to CS Manager, Matt Jordan about the benefits the Customer Success team has seen when customers use the software correctly. 

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Hubbard Construction Improves Their Trucker Behavior with FleetWatcher


As one of the largest heavy civil contractors and one of the largest asphalt producers in Florida, Hubbard Construction Company (HCC)  is owned by Eurovia (a subsidiary of VINCI) based in Orlando, Florida with Divisions located in Jacksonville, Tampa and Lakeland. Founded in 1920, HCC is a multi-faceted general contracting company that performs design build and bid build projects throughout the State of Florida. The scope of their work  includes large design build infrastructure, heavy highway construction, highway maintenance, bridge construction, bridge repair, asphalt supply and heavy civil site projects. 

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Construction Management Solution (CMS) Featured in ForConstructionPros

With Earthwave's CMS telematics system actionable data, including hour-meter readings, RPMs, fuel usage, temperatures, asset auto-assignment to job and more, is delivered from the jobsite to a phone, tablet or laptop.
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Barriere Construction Sees Fast Results using FleetWatcher


Our customer, Barriere Construction, is a fourth-generation, family-owned company headquartered in Metairie, L.A. Barriere has offered Asphalt Paving, Heavy Civil and Industrial services to the construction industry for 70 years, this year! They began implementing with Fleetwatcher in 2015 and have seen great success with the services they use.

Brendan McGoey, the Logistics Manager in L.A. says, "We have greatly reduced the cost of trucking our materials, while increasing efficiency of our haulers." How have they done that? Through Fleetwatcher's easy-to-use app and real-time data: "The mobile app allows us to see real-time information. The scale ticket summaries report and the plant production report are favorites around here. The Load Cycle Analysis information has been a great tool for our foreman to manage their operations."

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NAPA IMPACT Leadership Group Conference

Our National Account Manager, Adam Harshman, has been invited to the upcoming NAPA IMPACT Leadership Group Conference in Atlanta in September. Adam will be in the company of a select group of next generation leaders in the asphalt paving industry. We are proud of Adam and look forward to his insights when he returns from this conference.