Construction Telematics Definition and Uses | Construction Technology

What can Construction Telematics Software do for you?

Telematics is a wireless technology defined as: Measuring and monitoring real-time information from remote and mobile assets/vehicles/equipment and wirelessly transmitting that information to a central location for analysis.

Earthwave has developed its Construction Telematics System, Fleetwatcher, to enable heavy equipment contractors to not only track the location of their equipment, but to also track start/stop times, idle times and utilization rates,load counts and cycle times, and preventative maintenance schedules. Fleetwatcher is the premiere offering in the realm of construction technology.

Customers have realized significant reduction in costs, extended the life and value of their equipment, and operated their businesses more competitively once they've been armed with the information provided by Fleetwatcher and its comprehensive software for Telematics in Construction.

The great management guru, Peter Drucker, once said, "If you can measure it, you can improve it!! If you can accurately measure it, you can improve it!!"

We've adapted that quote to say, "Construction Telematics is about measuring. If we can measure something accurately then we can control it. If we can control it then we can optimize it. And if we can optimize it, then we can directly add to the profitability of our operation."


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