Earthwave Technologies Welcomes New Customer, Manatts

Earthwave Technologies would like to recognize and thank our new customer, Manatts, for selecting Fleetwatcher as their construction telematics solution in conjunction with the Iowa DOT for the Highway 69 paving project just south of Ames, IA. 

Manatts_HQ-1With Manatts' use of Earthwave’s wireless technology on a combination of both company-owned and third-party trucks and load cycle analysis software specifically developed for paving contractors, both Manatts and the Iowa DOT are excited about the potential of significant gains in their respective operations.

State Construction and Materials Engineer, Greg Mulder of the Iowa DOT believes this will positively impact and improve upon an E-Construction initiative of moving towards a paperless ticketing system with electronic verification of materials being delivered to the job. “This has the potential of saving a significant amount of time and money for the DOT by eliminating the inefficiencies and safety risk factors associated with inspectors manually checking truck tickets to verifying weight and material being delivered to the jobsite. Inspectors’ time could be freed up to do more quality inspections rather than being a ticket-taker and pushing paper,” states Greg.

General Manager Duane Hassebrock of Manatts Ames office is equally excited for the potential Fleetwatcher offers to manage and reduce trucking costs for his operation. “Earthwave’s solution is the first of its kind that I’ve seen that helps solve problems unique to the paving contractor. We hope to continue rolling this out on a broader scale after completing the Highway 69 job and evaluating the success of the current program.”

For further information on Earthwave Technologies' Fleetwatcher and the benefits it can deliver to fleets both on-road and off, please contact Larry Baker at 317-218-6102 or email to 

About Manatts: In 1947, Junie Manatt started what is today Manatts, Inc. with the purchase of a single Studebaker truck. After a couple of years had passed, Junie expanded the company’s services and personnel. Two of Junie’s brothers, Clair and Merlin joined the company, in the years of 1951 and 1959, respectively. The three of them began the shift into the construction industry. Today, Manatts is an industry leading heavy construction company that is still family owned and operated and still going strong on the founders’ values and beliefs. The commitment to family, quality, integrity, and honesty are just as strong as ever. 

About Earthwave Technologies: Earthwave Technologies is a provider of telematics solutions exclusively for the heavy equipment contractor. Our wireless fleet management system, Fleetwatcher, is used to help construction contractors get a better look at their fleet and help them reduce idle time, cut fuel and equipment costs, see cycle time and count, and track fleet location and activity. To help with these areas Fleetwatcher provides reports for our customers to easily read the data and develop a plan to address any problems these reports may highlight.

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