Fleetwatcher Featured in ForConstructionPros Magazine

"How E-Construction Can Increase Your Efficiency and Your Bottom Line" by Lisa Cleaver, ForConstructionPros.com, Feb 22, 2016

Technology is invading the jobsite at every angle today and for good reason. Going paperless can improve business operations and decrease the amount of resources needed to get the job done. In the highway construction industry, electronic lettings have been standard operating procedure for the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) for many years. Recently, the agency partnered with a contractor and a software provider to bring the e-construction process right to the point where the asphalt truck arrives at the jobsite to unload.

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e-Ticket and Materials Delivery Verification Technology on Display at Upcoming Utah e-Construction/3-D Engineered Models Conference

A revolutionary new materials delivery solution developed by Earthwave Technologies for the asphalt paving industry has garnered the attention of Department of Transportation officials for its potential to replace paper tickets with accurate and verifiable electronic tickets that provide the proper documentation for deliveries to highway and road-building projects.

Utah’s Department of Transportation is hosting a workshop on e-construction on March 1-2 in Salt Lake City to cover the latest progress reports from leading states. A presentation by Greg Mulder, Director of Iowa DOT Office of Construction and Materials, will highlight Iowa’s use of e-tickets and e-document submittal using Fleetwatcher’s Materials Delivery Solution in 2015.

Initially developed for paving contractors to help reduce trucking costs and optimize cycle times, the solution was embraced by Mulder and his team as viable technology to replace paper tickets following a successful 90-day ‘proof of concept’ of the system with a local contractor in Ames IA. The solution and process worked very well for tracking and verifying the product life cycle from the certified plant to installation.

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Earthwave to Demonstrate & Present at Viewpoint Users Conference

Viewpoint's annual Users Conference is scheduled for September 14-17, 2015 in their corporate backyard, Portland, Oregon. If you are attending, come see our team members will be there as well, both demonstrating our application in the Exhibit Hall and Delivering a Product Showcase. 

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CEO Baker to Present at B2W Software's Executive Technology Summit

B2W Software's Executive Technology Summit at User Conference 2015

Earthwave Technologies' CEO, Larry Baker, has been tapped to present at B2W Software's Executive Technology Summit at their User Conference 2015. Baker, as well as B2W COO, Kevin Brown will discuss current technology trends in the construction industry. Baker has been asked to share his insights on telematics and how the use of telematics data can benefit companies.

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Earthwave CEO Participates in B2W Partner Presentation

B2W Software User Conference 2015
Partner Peer Groups
Sunday, March 1, 8:30am

Format: The B2W Partner Peer Groups will serve as an opportunity for B2W Software and its partners to meet with end-users and discuss ways these strategic partnerships benefit them. It will also serve as an informal opportunity for partners and B2W to learn what end-users are looking for.

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We Fix $5.00 Haircuts (Well...The Telematics Equivalent...)

By now you've probably heard the story about a neighborhood barber whose business is threatened by the arrival of a national chain. The story goes something like this...

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Best Construction Telematics Systems: OEM or FleetWatcher?

Comparing FleetWatcher to OEM Telematics Systems

Many construction companies are using the GPS systems that were installed on the equipment by the Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM's). While those systems can produce some useful data, our customers have found that there are reasons why fleet owners benefit from a third-party system such as Fleetwatcher. 

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Earthwave Customer, RIPA, Talks About Fleetwatcher Benefits

Komatsu America recently did an article with Earthwave Technologies customer, Rich Fuist of RIPA Associates. Rich talks about some of the benefits they have seen with the use of Fleetwatcher. Here is an excerpt from the article:

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Earthwave Technologies Improves Fleet Management to Increase Profits

Today the construction industry is in essentially the same place as the U.S. manufacturing industry was in the early 1990s - trapped between the declining margins of a competitive environment and a lack of the efficient processes needed to grow. In the early 1990s, manufacturing used the same basic methods and processes for planning, tracking, producing, shipping and selling products that had been in place since the 1960s. Paper and human reporting were everywhere. Critical data arrived to decision makers desks too late to be useful. Operational control was more black magic than science, and communications was glacially slow.

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Conexpo 2014: The Year of Telematics

Construction Equipment magazine recently published an article by Rod Sutton entitled, "Time for a Telematics Refresher." Here's a brief excerpt:

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