Industrial Sector Turns Attention Towards Technology

In today’s world, new technologies and new applications for technologies are emerging in almost every field. The problem is finding useful technology and trying to adopt and integrate it into your business operations. It all comes down to what kind of time and money you would need to put in to integrate this new technology and if it would truly benefit your operations.

In a recent Fast Company article, Jeff Immelt, GE’s CEO spoke on the subject of technology in the industrial world. With many people thinking about reasons not to adopt new technology like time, effort, and money; it is clear that some might forget that if you don’t adopt new practices you might just get left behind.

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Earthwave Technologies Improves Fleet Management to Increase Profits

Today the construction industry is in essentially the same place as the U.S. manufacturing industry was in the early 1990s - trapped between the declining margins of a competitive environment and a lack of the efficient processes needed to grow. In the early 1990s, manufacturing used the same basic methods and processes for planning, tracking, producing, shipping and selling products that had been in place since the 1960s. Paper and human reporting were everywhere. Critical data arrived to decision makers desks too late to be useful. Operational control was more black magic than science, and communications was glacially slow.

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