Iowa DOT Uses Fleetwatcher E-Ticketing Solution in Eastern Iowa with Norris Asphalt


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Barriere Construction Featured In Asphalt Contractor

Earthwave customer, Barriere Construction, was recently featured in Asphalt Contractor magazine. Barriere is on the leading edge of utilizing technology in the field. Click here to see the full article (pages 16-18). 

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Fleetwatcher Featured in ForConstructionPros Magazine

"How E-Construction Can Increase Your Efficiency and Your Bottom Line" by Lisa Cleaver,, Feb 22, 2016

Technology is invading the jobsite at every angle today and for good reason. Going paperless can improve business operations and decrease the amount of resources needed to get the job done. In the highway construction industry, electronic lettings have been standard operating procedure for the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) for many years. Recently, the agency partnered with a contractor and a software provider to bring the e-construction process right to the point where the asphalt truck arrives at the jobsite to unload.

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e-Ticket and Materials Delivery Verification Technology on Display at Upcoming Utah e-Construction/3-D Engineered Models Conference

A revolutionary new materials delivery solution developed by Earthwave Technologies for the asphalt paving industry has garnered the attention of Department of Transportation officials for its potential to replace paper tickets with accurate and verifiable electronic tickets that provide the proper documentation for deliveries to highway and road-building projects.

Utah’s Department of Transportation is hosting a workshop on e-construction on March 1-2 in Salt Lake City to cover the latest progress reports from leading states. A presentation by Greg Mulder, Director of Iowa DOT Office of Construction and Materials, will highlight Iowa’s use of e-tickets and e-document submittal using Fleetwatcher’s Materials Delivery Solution in 2015.

Initially developed for paving contractors to help reduce trucking costs and optimize cycle times, the solution was embraced by Mulder and his team as viable technology to replace paper tickets following a successful 90-day ‘proof of concept’ of the system with a local contractor in Ames IA. The solution and process worked very well for tracking and verifying the product life cycle from the certified plant to installation.

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Earthwave Technologies Welcomes New Customer, Wanzek Construction

Earthwave Technologies would like to recognize and thank our new customer, Wanzek Construction, headquartered in West Fargo, North Dakota, for selecting Fleetwatcher as their construction telematics solution for their off-road equipment, on-road vehicles, and non-powered assets.

Wanzek_logoWanzek contacted Earthwave as they were researching several telematics solutions. “As part of a larger efficiencies initiative, we were looking for a system to help us apply lean and continuous improvement methods to our extensive in-house equipment fleet. Fleetwatcher will help us improve maintenance records and PM tracking as well as streamline parts procurement. We chose Earthwave based on their long history and proven track record serving the off-road market. We are confident that this system will help us reduce idle time and provide visibility into better equipment utilization,” said Bryce Peterson, Director of Equipment Operations. 

Another factor for consideration for Wanzek was their use of Viewpoint and B2W Software. "Software and 3rd Party Telematics integration was a key factor in our decision," stated Juli Munro, Director of Systems and Reporting. "We integrate field information with our back-end systems in order to provide our field and corporate management teams with real-time information. Being able to eliminate manual entries off of time sheets into B2W and Viewpoint saves time, improves accuracy, and speeds up turnaround times."  

“Wanzek was very thorough in their investigation of the right Telematics provider for their future. We’re happy to have been the right solution and look forward to a long relationship,” remarked Larry Baker, CEO of Earthwave Technologies. 

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Gallagher Asphalt Sees Immediate Results Using Fleetwatcher

Repeat Job Provides Comparison Data and $60,000 to the Bottom Line!

When the management at Gallagher Asphalt made the decision to purchase Fleetwatcher, they expected immediate results. So when a "repeat" paving job was kicked-off, management knew this would be an opportunity for a good comparison.

"Each year, a village near Chicago paves several roads, typically taking 5-6 weeks to complete. We did this job last year and were doing what was essentially the same job this year - same number of streets, same mix, same distance, same bid. The only difference was having Fleetwatcher installed," says Jonkman. 

The result? Last year, Gallagher finished the job $60,000 over budget on trucking costs. This year, the company finished $500 under budget!

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Earthwave Technologies Welcomes New Customer, Gallagher Asphalt

Earthwave Technologies would like to recognize and thank our new customer, Gallagher Asphalt, for selecting Fleetwatcher as their construction telematics solution to help them manage their equipment, projects, and bottom-line objectives for 2015 and beyond.

“We spent a lot of time over the past few years looking at telematics solutions to help us become more efficient on our material trucking operation but couldn’t find one that impressed us enough to make the investment for implementing this technology” says Trucking Manager, Justin Jonkman.

“Fleetwatcher was the first system we found with a solution that was built to give the type of information we could easily use to analyze our operations on a daily basis” said Jim Trost, VP of Operations. Trost explains, “We confirmed that observation by visiting a current “Peer Group” paving company that has been using Fleetwatcher for about a year.”

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Earthwave Technologies Welcomes New Customer, Manatts

Earthwave Technologies would like to recognize and thank our new customer, Manatts, for selecting Fleetwatcher as their construction telematics solution in conjunction with the Iowa DOT for the Highway 69 paving project just south of Ames, IA. 

With Manatts' use of Earthwave’s wireless technology on a combination of both company-owned and third-party trucks and load cycle analysis software specifically developed for paving contractors, both Manatts and the Iowa DOT are excited about the potential of significant gains in their respective operations.

State Construction and Materials Engineer, Greg Mulder of the Iowa DOT believes this will positively impact and improve upon an E-Construction initiative of moving towards a paperless ticketing system with electronic verification of materials being delivered to the job. “This has the potential of saving a significant amount of time and money for the DOT by eliminating the inefficiencies and safety risk factors associated with inspectors manually checking truck tickets to verifying weight and material being delivered to the jobsite. Inspectors’ time could be freed up to do more quality inspections rather than being a ticket-taker and pushing paper,” states Greg.

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Earthwave Technologies Welcomes New Customer, K-Five Construction

AEMP Pioneers Choose Construction Telematics Solution Fleetwatcher 

Earthwave Technologies would like to recognize and thank our new customer, K-Five Constructionfor selecting Fleetwatcher to help them manage their equipment, projects, and bottom-line objectives for 2015 and beyond. The three-phased implementation began in April 2015 with full roll-out planned for this summer.

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Earthwave to Present at Illinois Bituminous Paving Conference

Demonstrating Material Delivery Solution for Paving Contractors

Earthwave Technologies is attending the Illinois Bituminous Paving Conference in Champaign, Illinois on February 2-3, 2015. We'll be demonstrating our Material Delivery Solution for paving contractors to show how the use of our load cycle analysis and automated shift ticket application can have a tremendous impact on your paving operations. 

In particular, learn how our Materials Delivery System can assist you with:

    • Over-trucking/Under-trucking
    • Payroll Integration
    • Scales Integration
    • Viewpoint Integration
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