We Fix $5.00 Haircuts (Well...The Telematics Equivalent...)

By now you've probably heard the story about a neighborhood barber whose business is threatened by the arrival of a national chain. The story goes something like this...

A local barber has been in his community for many years and has built up a nice book of business. A national chain moves into town, right across the street! He comes into his shop one day and sees a sign at the chain shop that says, "Haircuts $5.00."

Unable to cut his prices but very concerned about his livelihood, the barber hires a marketing consultant who hangs a banner above the shop, "We fix $5 haircuts.” (Office Depot turned this into a marketing campaign - see the video to the right.)

What does this have to do with Construction Telematics you ask? Great question. Directly, not a lot. But we were reminded of this story and ad campaign as we have been replacing other systems from our competitors that didn't work - either as promised or they simply just didn't work. In many cases the systems we are replacing have been primarily developed for “on-road” vehicle tracking. The systems have not been developed, from a hardware and software perspective, to meet the needs of the construction contractor.  

Maybe you're there. Maybe you've purchased a system that isn't living up to expectations. We understand. We've all done it. But like the $5.00 haircut, you don't have to live with an inferior system forever. We have worked with a number of companies to help them implement Fleetwatcher so that they can start reducing costs, improving productivity, and seeing an immediate return on their investment. 

Maybe you're not there. Yet, anyway... So what can you do to avoid the consequences of a $5 haircut? 

  • Find out how many customers they have that have their system on the entire fleet of off-road equipment?
  • Interview those customers to determine their level of satisfaction and find out what results and benefits they have derived from the system. Ask about hardware issues they may have had.
  • Understand the quality of the hardware the company is proposing. Is it sealed? Waterproof, dust proof? Most are not and will fail, typically sooner than later. (one powerwash and it’s toast.)
    • How does the hardware track idle time on an excavator?
    • How do they install the unit? We have found a majority of the installs are to the ignition so if/when the key is on (sometimes 24 hours a day) the system accumulates hours on the hour meter!

If you're wrestling with a system that isn't working or considering a purchase, let one of our telematics experts work with you to make a transition to a system that will deliver the results that you expect. 

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

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