Materials Delivery Solution

Optimize Cycle Times, Reduce Trucking Costs and Improve Paving Operations


Materials Delivery Solution

Middlesex Silo 03aOver-trucked? Under-trucked? Bottlenecks at the plant or the paver? No matter what you do, though, it seems you can't control when:

  • Trucks travel together,
  • Take longer routes than others, or
  • Make unauthorized stops...

Until now.

Fleetwatcher's Materials Delivery Solution (MDS) uses wireless telematics technology to better manage your trucking operation - whether you run company-owned trucks or third-party providers.


Before & After

Fleetwatcher's MDS gives you a line of sight into what's happening out in the field. Using our Load Cycle Analysis, you'll be able to determine where the problems are occurring, and be able to correct them in real time. These images are examples of an operation "before" using the MDS, and "after" the MDS was implemented. 

The first thing you'll likely notice in the "before" image is that the diagonal pattern gets broken up in several places. That's from trucks going the wrong route, hiding behind RAP piles, traveling together, and so on.

But notice what happens in the "after" picture. The trucks stay in order. There are no long delays at the plant or paver. And the behavior is exactly what is expected. You'll also notice that the company was able to pull two trucks out of the crew and still efficiently deliver materials to the paver. 


Software Integration

Do you currently depend on hand-written, manual shift tickets turned in daily to pay your 3rd party broker companies? Do you have someone in your office who has to handle the discrepancies with how much to pay 3rd party truckers? Do you have long delays in getting information entered into your accounting system, making the reports 2-4 weeks old by the time you get them?

Fleetwatcher's MDS addresses these issues. Our Virtual Shift Tickets have enabled many of our users to get away from paper tickets completely. Done. No more. 

They're able to move to a paperless system because Fleetwatcher integrates with popular accounting and payroll applications such as Viewpoint and About Time. Fleetwatcher also integrates with scales systems, providing important time & materials data for project invoicing as well as third party trucker payments. 

Learn more about how Fleetwatcher can integrate with your existing systems by requesting a Web Demo today!