Construction Fleet Management

Our software helps our customers better utilize their construction equipment fleet through real-time tracking and status information

If you can measure it, you can improve it!   


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Lost paper scale tickets? Do you have trouble making tickets and summary reports available to those not on the site such as Area Administrators and Engineers? Is integrating your scales for FOB customers of interest to you? Is job safety location at the hand-off a big concern? 

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Are inconsistent and lengthy cycle times contributing to higher than expected trucking costs? Do you struggle to manage the behavior of hired drivers from third-party companies and need a solution to hold them accountable for production? If that's the case in your operation, click the LEARN MORE button below to find out how our Materials Management Solution can help you reduce your trucking costs by up to 20% or more. 

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Idle Time FleetWatcher


Do you need to get a handle on idle time, on fuel cost, and on equipment costs in general? Want a daily report on equipment start and stop times or engine run and idle times? Need to know what equipment is not being effectively utilized right now?

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"We have greatly reduced the cost of trucking our materials, while increasing efficiency of our haulers. The mobile app allows us to see real-time information, the scale ticket summaries report and the plant production report are favorites around here. The Load Cycle Analysis information has been a great tool for our foreman to manage their operations."

- Logistics Manager, Barriere Construction