e-Ticket, MMS on Display at Upcoming 3-D Engineered Models Conference

A revolutionary new materials delivery solution developed by Earthwave Technologies for the asphalt paving industry has garnered the attention of Department of Transportation officials for its potential to replace paper tickets with accurate and verifiable electronic tickets that provide the proper documentation for deliveries to highway and road-building projects.

Utah’s Department of Transportation is hosting a workshop on e-construction on March 1-2 in Salt Lake City to cover the latest progress reports from leading states. A presentation by Greg Mulder, Director of Iowa DOT Office of Construction and Materials, will highlight Iowa’s use of e-tickets and e-document submittal using Fleetwatcher’s Materials Delivery Solution in 2015.

Initially developed for paving contractors to help reduce trucking costs and optimize cycle times, the solution was embraced by Mulder and his team as viable technology to replace paper tickets following a successful 90-day ‘proof of concept’ of the system with a local contractor in Ames IA. The solution and process worked very well for tracking and verifying the product life cycle from the certified plant to installation.

In 2016, Mulder and his staff are looking forward to adding a second element to the mix to bring the next logical step in the e-Construction process to fruition. Earthwave’s solution will be enhanced by providing load-out system integration into the application to automate the capture of tonnage, material type and other key data points that remove the time-consuming, error-prone, and hazardous methods of manual entry and ticket collection.

“Electronic ticketing can have a major impact on safety and efficiency at a job site, added Mulder. It is dangerous for our inspectors to have to collect the ticket from each truck. Waiting for trucks, taking tickets, and then manually entering the data isn’t very efficient. There are so many other things the inspector needs to be doing. If we can take this element out of the mix, it would free our people to do the actual quality control and inspection work they are on-site to complete.”

To learn more, visit us at our exhibitor display at the upcoming conference on March 1-2, 2016 at the Sheraton Hotel in Salt Lake City, UT.

Topics: Construction telematics Load Cycle Analysis Paving Operations