How FleetWatcher Helped K-Five Construction Improve Operations and Increase Production

K-Five Construction Corporation is an Illinois based construction company that specializes in concrete and asphalt paving. Years ago the company was looking for solutions to manage their fleet when they discovered FleetWatcher. Since integrating FleetWatcher into its operations, K-Five has been able to easily monitor the delivery of materials to and from job sites. This ensures that the company’s production runs as smoothly as possible by allowing it to correct any delays at the plant or paver in real-time. IMG_2181

What were the main issues before using FleetWatcher? “Our main issue before using FleetWatcher was lack of transparency. Now, every piece of equipment and truck can be located and identified with a click of the mouse. We can quickly see where a truck is at and how fast he is traveling helping us make real-time decisions and adjust on how to best utilize our trucks.” 

Sreenshot FleetWatcher

With this knowledge, field personnel know when to expect trucks and equipment to arrive at the job site. Since joining FleetWatcher in 2015, K-Five has been able to reduced over trucking by closely monitoring trucks and equipment. “During evening hours the FleetWatcher mobile app is extremely helpful to nighttime lowboy drivers trying to locate equipment. In the old days, the foreman on the job would need to be contacted to find out when and where he was parking equipment, so it could be picked up. Now we can monitor, locate, and click to navigate to a piece of equipment using the FleetWatcher app. Using FleetWatcher, the phrase ‘estimated time of arrival’ has been replaced with exact times by monitoring trucks and equipment in real-time 24/7.”

The company has observed how FleetWatcher has shaped its operations and seen the potential for an increase in production and cost savings. After trusting FleetWatcher with it’s equipment division for the past 5 years coupled with the company’s Recent Decision to implement FleetWatcher’s Material Management System & Electronic Ticketing System, K-Five has created a Logistics Operations Coordinator Position. The logistics operations coordinator will act as the company’s official FleetWatcher administrator. Some responsibilities tied to the position include keeping the company’s materials delivery system and virtual shift ticketing up and running throughout the day. The new position will be “taking K-Five to the next level with our use of FleetWatcher, really focusing on enhancing the efficiency of our trucking operations.” The company plans to work alongside the team at FleetWatcher to work out a game plan and ensure continued success.