IDOT Uses E-Ticketing

Electronic Ticketing (e-Ticketing) adoption is rapidly expanding among transportation agencies nationwide. This paperless process for creating, sharing, tracking, documenting, and storing materials provides agencies and contractors with an electronic means to verify materials deliveries while enhancing safety, streamlining inspections, and improving contract administration procedures. E-Ticketing also provides consistent and efficient project documentation and standardized data across projects.

e-Ticketing allows workers to safely collect tickets and monitor materials status in near real-time. Source: FHWA

The Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) was one of the first DOTs to adopt e-Ticketing, conducting its first pilot in 2015. Since that initial pilot, the State’s e-Ticketing use has grown significantly, including for multiple material types—asphalt, concrete, and aggregates. In 2020, IDOT used e-Ticketing on more than 80 projects.

Iowa’s e-Ticketing program focuses on safer ticket collection, real-time materials auditing and testing, and electronic documentation of construction information. IDOT is also involved in several e-Ticketing initiatives including creating an agency view for e-Tickets using AASHTOWare Project and using license plate readers for materials delivery verification.

E-Ticketing makes it easier for the highway construction industry to switch from paper-based exchanges to a modern, 21st century digital workflow providing information that is “smarter” and more accessible. No matter where in the e-Ticketing journey your agency is, the EDC-6 e-Ticketing team can help you move your program to the next level.

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