New Customer Boh Brothers Construction Finds Success with FleetWatcher

Based and founded in New Orleans, Boh Bros. Construction Co. is a family-owned, third-generation company that has completed thousands of heavy civil, industrial, and marine construction projects throughout the Southeast United States since 1909. They began a pilot with FleetWatcher in July of this year and just recently came on board as a new customer. How did they decide to invest in FleetWatcher? James Breland, Operations Manager of their Asphalt Department notes: "The market for asphalt work continues to be very competitive in our area, and we continuously search for ways to help optimize our operations. We were looking for ways to improve our hauling costs, and after many meetings with the FleetWatcher team, we felt FleetWatcher’s Material Management Solution (MMS) would be the right tool to help us do this."

Boh Brothers truck being loaded at plant

Since they began implementation, James is "seeing very promising results" in relation to reducing their hauling costs. "FleetWatcher gives us the ability to see how efficient our projects are going on a daily basis, based on the flow of material to/from a job, paver/mill/widener speed. When reports are looked at over a period of days or weeks, it is very easy to make the operational adjustments to trucks/equipment that are needed. We have found that using FleetWatcher is adding value to our entire operation."

As with any new software, implementation and training take time and the support is what makes the difference. "While all new systems have a learning curve when implemented in an organization, bringing FleetWatcher on board was truly a lot smoother than anticipated, and that is due to the personal level of customer service and support that Tyler and his team are providing. I can’t think of any specific example that stands out because every single correspondence with the FleetWatcher staff is truly A+."

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