Maintaining the Fleet

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As a fleet management device, the telematics system manages the equipment so Turner doesn’t have to. A “Maintenance Due” report shows the number of run-time hours before maintenance is due for all equipment. Areas shaded in red indicate that service is past due, while areas shaded in yellow indicate that equipment is within 36 hours of its next preventive maintenance. Services can be tracked by hours and/or miles. Maintenance hours are tracked directly on the program, attaching data to specific pieces of equipment, which allows Turner to efficiently time maintenance, rather than wait for something to break down.

Weekly reports are also automatically generated to provide up-to-date information on projects. A weekly “Productivity by Project” report provides a detailed, side-by-side comparison for all equipment on a selected project for the week. This helps Turner determine how well a project is performing and if any equipment can be better utilized elsewhere. Weekly maintenance reports allow Turner to hold his mechanics accountable and let him know what equipment is overdue for service. The reports save Turner time by preventing equipment mix-ups and eliminating the massive dry-erase board or pages of journals that were previously used to track equipment maintenance.

Fleetwatcher CMS (Construction Management system)

FleetWatcher makes your job easier. Our system—which was built specifically for the heavy equipment industry—gathers your information and delivers it in a way that is easy to understand and ready to act upon.


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