Earthwave Customer, RIPA, Talks About Fleetwatcher Benefits

Komatsu America recently did an article with Earthwave Technologies customer, Rich Fuist of RIPA Associates. Rich talks about some of the benefits they have seen with the use of Fleetwatcher. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“RIPA is an advanced telematics user and has elected to equip 300 pieces of theirRIPA fleet with Earthwave Technologies’ Fleetwatcher. In many cases there are two systems on the machine - the original OEM system and the Fleetwatcher system. RIPA's experiences with OEM systems lead them to believe the OEM systems are more beneficial for the dealer than they are for the contractor. Fleetwatcher is designed for contractors and provides information that is valuable for RIPA’s various disciplines including: Maintenance, Estimators, Supervisors, and Foremen. Fleetwatcher tracks: PM schedules, idle time, mileage, operators, usage by job site, equipment bread crumbs, hours, start times, and dump counts.

RIPA’s no idle program has been highly successful. Mr. Fuist estimates that their 2013 no-idle campaign resulted in avoiding 29,000 unnecessary machine hours with a total savings to RIPA of $1.3M. Fuist credits owner involvement and operator training for this success.”

Earthwave Technologies is a provider of telematics solutions exclusively for the heavy equipment contractor. Our wireless fleet management system, Fleetwatcher, is used to help construction contractors get a better look at their fleet and help them:

  • Reduce Idle time
  • Cut fuel and equipment costs
  • See cycle time and count
  • Track fleet location and activity

To help with these areas Fleetwatcher provides reports for our customers to easily read the data and develop a plan to address any problems these reports may highlight.

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