Rules for Reliable Data

If I were to implement a telematics system, what would I be measuring? How would it give me the visibility and results that I desire? 

Many construction contractors are adopting technology in their operations to cut costs and improve their bottom line. A good telematics system is going to deliver reliable data that will give customers the tools necessary to achieve excellence. At FleetWatcher, we have a very hands-on approach when it comes to auditing and managing customer data. We have a step-by-step playbook in place to ensure customers are getting the data that they need for their particular issues. 

Our Playbook

First, we sit down with the customer and pinpoint the main issues that they are looking to resolve within their operations. This is key in making sure customers are implemented correctly. Some issues we typically see include trucking inefficiencies, overpayment of truckers, poor communications, and not hitting production targets. Once we know which of these problems the customer wants to solve, we can get a good idea of what key performance indicators will be the most meaningful. 

KPI’s give the customer insight into real-time data, allowing them to monitor shifts as they are happening. When contractors can see automatically generated data it keeps them up-to-date, giving them the ability to decide if they need to reroute trucks or remove trucks from a job. Project managers can keep track of where their trucks are at all times, idle time at the paver, and cycle time across all trucks. 

After deciding who the main users will be, the next step is making sure that the software technology is set up and is being utilized properly on a day-to-day basis. This is by far one of the most important steps to obtaining reliable data. If a piece of equipment is not being utilized properly then it could interfere with the customer’s ability to monitor their fleet. That being said, we are diligent about overcoming any internal and external issues that may occur.

External Issues 


No devices

Have backup devices at the plant or job

Unplugged devices

Advise drivers to plug in - have a policy to enforce this expectation

Incorrect devices

Train plant manager/foremen to alert offices of device discrepancy 

Internal Issues


Unassigned devices

Ensure all devices are assigned properly

Jobs and/or geo zones not created

Create jobs and/or geo zones. Make sure shifts are created and activated

Incorrect over radius

Update paver radius real-time; reprocess active shifts 


We are dedicated to forming collaborative partnerships with customers and helping them craft game plans for long-term success. Reach out to your customer success representative to discuss how we can help you track your metrics with our rules for reliable data.

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